WebinarCEClasses Speakers

Our speakers will present the latest scientific research, but also understand that you are looking for clinically relevant information to implement your practice. They will use humor, thought-provoking questions, and clinical examples to engage you in the presentation.

Doctor Franklin Carvajal

Dr. Carvajal's first Ph.D. is in Social and Personality Psychology from the University of Amherst. Dr. Carvajal's second Ph.D. is in Clinical Psychology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. He has worked in numerous settings for the past 10 years including forensic settings. Additionally, Dr. Carvajal has had a group practice for the past 7 years. Dr. Carvajal's background has led him to practice via the integration of well-researched, evidence-based approaches in combination with wisdom obtained from years of Dr. Carvajal reviews articles in the Journal of Individual Differences and the Journal of Clinical Psychology with a focus on research methods, statistics, and cultural analysis.

Doctor Nicole Klasey

Nicole Klasey is a clinical psychologist who has worked with trauma survivors for 14 years. She currently consults with agencies on trauma-informed care, programming for commercially sexually exploited youth, vicarious trauma, and leadership development. Nicole has been training multidisciplinary audiences on trauma-related topics since 2015 and provides guest lectures at local universities on human trafficking. She has developed several of the training curriculums that are being utilized in Los Angeles County and throughout California to better equip social service providers on working with commercially sexually exploited youth. She has been an expert witness on commercial sexual exploitation and trauma in court. In 2018, Nicole was awarded the State of California Senate Certificate of Recognition by Senator Joel Anderson.