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Program Objectives :
1. Attendees will be able to explain the adverse impact of tobacco use on mental health.
2. Attendees will identify 3 benefits of tobacco cessation interventions.
3. Attendees will describe 5 key steps in tobacco cessations treatment approaches.
4. Attendees will list 3 smoking cessation medications.

Tobacco use is widespread among individuals with SMI, and the high prevalence of tobacco-related mortality among them is well documented. Research shows that individuals with SMI who smoke are as interested in quitting as those without SMI and can do so without jeopardizing their mental health recovery. Quitting smoking is one of the most important choices that anyone can take to improve their health, and is beneficial for both physical and mental health. Furthermore, quitting smoking can have a broader positive influence on individuals with SMI; as they learn effective skills and techniques for smoking cessation, their sense of mastery and self-efficacy to make other healthy lifestyle changes can increase as well.

Tobacco cessation treatment should be an integral part of treating individuals with SMI. There is a critical need to engage mental health program directors and clinicians in efforts to increase access to evidence-based tobacco treatment for these individuals. For the numerous reasons cited within this guide, SAMHSA recommends the adoption of tobacco-free facilities/grounds policies and the integration of tobacco cessation treatment into the care provided to clients with SMI who smoke or use other tobacco products.

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Target Audience:
Marriage and Family Therapist Mental Health Counselor Psychiatrist Psychologist Social Worker Educator Nurse Physician
Instructional Level: Introductory
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